The rigorous coat of arms of Savoie @ Palazzo Reale

from A cura di G. Romano, Torino 1675-1699. Strategie e conflitti del Barocco. Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, 1995.

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The rigorous coat of arms of Savoie

The Carle Morello’s project is chosen for the new façade of the palace. The presence of solids and voids that Valperga had already planned for the lateral pavillions is extended for the whole façade: windows are joined by the flat bands and alternated by framesets, while the cornice cut in half the façade. The colums and the decoration are removed only on the second floor and windows surmounted by arches and glabes alternating. It is claimed the rigour and the severity more appropriated to the image of King Carlo Emanuele II.

Confronting the two parts of façade, you can see some difference between the valperga’s project, on the left and morello’s project made with a severe style. Some attractive and inconspicuous decorations en relief remain

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