The façade test @ Palazzo Reale

Of Maurizio Valperga from A cura di G. Romano, Torino 1675-1699. Strategie e conflitti del Barocco. Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, 1995.

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The façade test

When the civil war was finished in 1643 thus favoring the peace, Cristina from France, had decided to extend the palace. The engineer Maurizio Valperga, responsible for the project, propose a façade design that takes up the present only partially. He is approaching to the french style, anticipating the giant order of coupled lesene, alternated with windows in the central part, while he keeps a simple style in the lateral pavillions without colums. For over 20 years, the façade’test go on by continuing with the elimination of the decorations until the adoption of Carlo Morello’solution in1658. A simple frame of lesene and horizontal bands reflects the military image of King Carlo Emanuele II.

The Maurizio Valperga’s project of 1643 with the column in the central part hasn’t been accepted, even if Mrs. Cristina likes it a lot. The Morello ‘project is preferable because it is adapted for a barrack than the Ducal Palace.

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