The expansion of the Palace

Starting from the 18th century, the Royal Palace developed in all directions. The Castellamonte project already included a sleeve along the royal gardens. Juvarra first and then Alfieri are called to design and make the new buildings beyond the Roman walls on the East side, to accommodate the so-called "command area" which will became the Armory, the Library, the area of the Ministries, Secretariats, Offices, Royal Theater, State's Archives , the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the Military Academy. Palazzo Chiablese was built on a project by Benedetto Alfieri in the mid-1700s, between the Royal square and S. Giovanni's one. To the North the "Palazzo Vecchio", the original seat of the Dukes in place of the Episcopal Palace, is divided into service buildings and became the Court of the Swiss, guard of the Duke and of the King.

Theatrum Sabaudiae 1632: the developments of the royal complex during 1600s-1700s (highlited in yellow)

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