The Miracle

Given its height and the view on the city, the mountain was a strategic observatory in the eyes of the French who had invaded Turin in 1640. Legend tells that when the soldiers, after defeating the people, arrived inside the church to plunder it they were terrified by the sight of a tongue of fire coming from the tabernacle, to protect the consecrated hosts. Thus, the French invader renounced the conquest of this place, amazed by the Eucharistic prodigy. The entire episode is depicted on a canvas, today exposed inside the church. Brief excerpt from the chronicle of the story: "A tongue of fire that came out of the Holy Ciborium went to seize the bold and sacrilegious Frenchman to burn his clothes and his face, and how scared he threw himself to the ground and shouted "Mon Dieu! Mon Dieu! "The church was soon filled with thick smoke and the vandalism ceased to general amazement."

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