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The Salesian Sanctuary created by San Giovanni Bosco

The church is surrounded by the big Valdocco complex named after the homonymous neighbourhood. Many of the activities organised by the Salesians take place here, and are usually directed to young people, helping them with school, offering sports and oratories.

The project for the main church was by engineer Antonio Spezia. The church was dedicated to Mary, evoked by Giovanni Bosco as the helper of the Christians.

At the moment, the Ukrainian community gathers here on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. for the holy mass.

Contacts: Father Ihor HOLYNSKYY Phone number: +39 327 002 8746 E-mail: ihorholynskyy@yahoo.com

Information curated by:
Raytrayen Beakovic Lauria (2022-2024)

Geographic coordinates:
45.0806° 7.676°

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