Flessibilità della struttura interna

The building structure is particularly flexible: the commercial and craft activities can be carried out on three or four connected levels. This flexibility of the building is also visible in the upper floors, meant for residential use. In the two main floors the rooms can be used at full height or be divided obtaining a mezzanine. The large arches of the ground floor are replicated in two noble floors: towards the road they are only decorative, simulated on the wall. The circles above the doors and the windows are virtual openings, which can be made real in case of the presence of a mezzanine floor, as to allow a natural lighting. The details have been the subject of particular attention, such as in the mezzanine windows, doors or windows of the ground floor. The architect proceeded to pierce the walls with openings of different shapes, positions and sizes, according to an asymmetric scheme but still well balanced.

Foto prese da http://casantonelli.weebly.com/descrizione-edificio.html

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