High environmental performance from an interdisciplinary project

The Peccei Park is the first "smart" park in Italy, awarded for the choices particularly attentive to the environmental sustainability of the building site and subsequent management: 1. reclamation implemented on site, with reuse of usable materials and capping of pollutants; 2. a zero-impact site monitored by an Environmental Site Manager, which detects the carbon footprinting due to the work, the means of work and the distance of origin of the supplies and translates it into compensations due to the planting of trees. 3. photocatalytic concrete paving and tiles with a titanium dioxide surface layer which deactivates fine particles, eliminating them with rain; 4. LED lighting and color scenography on the recovered buildings, powered by the Park's photovoltaic system 5. 80 aluminum seats mostly coming from recycled material.

The project was supervised at all stages by the Settore Grandi Opere del Verde del Comune (directed by Paolo Miglietta), assisted in the design by an interdisciplinary team of agronomists, architects, engineers and anthropologists.

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