Medieval tales

The General Exhibition of 1884 is an opportunity to give a showcase to the historicist fashion, which is taking place in Italy, on the French model of Viollet-le-Duc. In the absence of important works to restore, it is decided to recreate a village on the banks of the Po, which collects copies of noteworthy buildings from the thirteen and fourteen century of Piedmont and Val d'Aosta area, mixing rural, noble and village architecture. It is the launching pad of the architect A. d'Andrade, who in the following years takes care of the restoration of the historical testimonies of the city and the north-western regions. The Medieval Village had such a success that it was preserved, unique among the exhibition pavilions.

The picture illustrates the pieces of the patchwork: the Issogne castle, the Avigliana tower, from Alba to Frossasco and Cuorgne. An incredible mixture of false pieces which still fascinates people

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