The garden, according to Maria Theresa @ Parco del Castello

from Direzione Regionale Musei Piemonte

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The garden, according to Maria Theresa

In 1831, at the death of King Carlo Felice, the widow Maria Cristina, became the cultured and refined interpreter of the transformation of the garden by adhering to the previous landscape direction. She was born in Caserta, the city where she could admire the palace park, and the English Garden, where the picturesque, the ancient, and the exotic mixed with nature. The memory of the ruin, the romantic taste, and the recovery of the rustic landscape are also introduced to Agliè: in a decade, the hill of antiquities, a greenhouse for exotic plants, and the cottage in front of the lake for the boats were created. Moreover, some species of oriental trees were imported and the walls of the staircase towards the garden were covered with climbing plants.

Photographs of the early twentieth century show the imported exotic plants, the vine-covered wall, and gardeners at work...

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