The years of Carlo Felice and Maria Cristina reign @ Parco del Castello

from a cura di E.Accati, A.Fornaris, F.Larcher, Xavier Kurtren, vita e opere di un paesaggista in Piemonte, Celid, 2010

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The years of Carlo Felice and Maria Cristina reign

In the thirties of the nineteenth century, after the arrival at the castle of King Carlo Felice and his wife Maria Cristina of Bourbon, Xavier Kurten who was in charge of the park of Racconigi, for Carlo Alberto, had to manage the direction of the park. Moreover, In Agliè he designed the reorganization of the green by adapting his choices to the changes of taste of the European landscape direction. The large fountain is introduced to the upper park through two green galleries that create an exedra: the eighteenth-century geometric garden is replaced by branching paths that surround the central tree-lined avenue, to the lake is crossed by bridges and islets.

The plan of the park of Agliè is not signed by Xavier Kurten, however, it is attributed to him because in the same period expenses and receipts contain his name.

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