Traces of a seventeenth-century drawing @ Parco del Castello

from Direzione Regionale Musei Piemonte

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Traces of a seventeenth-century drawing

In the seventeenth century, the park extended around the castle on different floors. The large balcony contained the hanging garden and from this spot, through stairs and some paths, it was possible to reach the lower part, where the Italian garden was located. Moreover, in this area, the seventeenth-century design is still evident and well preserved, although it was modified in the following century. Furthermore, the boxwood hedges expanded around a central fountain, with a brick wall and large statues in the niches in the background. The circular fountain built at the time of Filippo d'Agliè, in the seventeenth century, is in line with the main facade of the castle and its staircases.

The Italian garden depicted in an image of the early twentieth century.

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