The Italian garden

In the project located in the Theatrum Sabaudiae, a large garden is depicted and it is designed around the castle, with geometric flowerbeds and fountains. The park will not be realized as in the image, but some parts are still faithful to the seventeenth-century design: in particular the Italian garden with hedges drawn around the fountain and large marble statues in the niches of the brick wall. In 1763, the castle became the property of the Savoy family, and several works of the redevelopment of the castle and the park started, however, the geometric design of the flowerbeds was kept on different levels, with the balcony containing the hanging garden.

The image of the Theatrum Sabaudiae of 1683 depicts a wonderful design of the castle and its park which was never built following these shapes. It probably corresponds to Castellamonte’s initial project.

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