The eighteenth-century interventions @ Parco del Castello

from a cura di E.Accati, A.Fornaris, F.Larcher, Xavier Kurtren, vita e opere di un paesaggista in Piemonte, Celid, 2010

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The eighteenth-century interventions

Birago di Borgaro created the majestic Fountain of the Rivers in the same years in which Michel Bernard signed the green design, as Director of the Royal Gardens: the high park, which is located above the fountain, has a geometric structure, of clear French influence, with symmetrical flower beds, around a central axis that stands on a circular basin. Several tree species were brought to the park, including hornbeams and elms from Sant'Antonio di Ranverso. Moreover, in 1783, with the death of Birago, the architect Domenico Marocco became the new coordination of the works in the garden and in the park.

Eighteenth-century design of the garden and park.

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