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Gerecse Mountains and the Altal Creek Valley

Eu Landscape Award 2012-2013. HU Candidate

The Association for the Restoration and Development of the àltal Creek Valley was established in 1995 in order to promote the preservation and sustainable utilisation of the environment and rich natural/cultural heritage of the àltal Creek Valley, a former industrial site struggling with numerous environmental challenges. Following its initial efforts aimed at protecting water quality, the Association made its activities more complex in 2002 when it decided to embark on the complex rehabilitation and development of the Gerecse Mountains and the àltal Creek Valley on the basis of ecological considerations. An outstanding achievement is the creation of Gerecse Nature Park based on the sustainable utilisation of natural/cultural heritage and born through the joint action of 29 communities in the region and other affected organisations. Consisting of local members, the Association performed all operations from planning to implementation in a systematic manner and with the involvement of other stakeholders.

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Geographic coordinates:
47.64314° 18.404464°

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