Icon of the Category "Nature"Landscape and water-management restoration of Skocjanski Zatok nature reserve Muggia

Landscape and water-management restoration of Skocjanski Zatok nature reserve

Eu Landscape Award 2012-2013. SI Candidate

The project was aiming to recreate the typical coastal wetland landscape of Å kocjanski zatok Nature Reserve, the largest brackish wetland in Slovenia, after the past degradation in the 1980s. It's resulting in the restored semi-natural coastal wetland ecosystem, landscape and its natural processes, thus posing remedy to the environmental burdens from the past, in conservation and enhancement of the typical brackish and freshwater habitats supporting fauna and flora of EU and national importance with strong exemplary value, and in the organisation of the wetland centre - nature reserve open to the public. Visitors from Slovenia and elsewhere nowadays enjoy the area for education, recreation and high-quality nature experience. The local community awareness was raised and positive attitude stimulated with public participation throughout the project which also contributed towards better life quality and sustainable development of the Slovenian coast.

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Geographic coordinates:
45.549005° 13.758944°

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