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Furnas Landscape Laboratory (Furnas LandLab)

Eu Landscape Award 2012-2013. PT Candidate

The intensification of dairy farms in the last decades has lead to the eutrophication of Furnas Lake. Therefore, to restore its water quality a legally binding Furnas Watershed Plan took place, aiming at a major change of the soil use. It was a turning point in the landscape management and economic activities of the last decades. Since 2007 about 300 ha of agricultural land within the watershed were bought by the Azorean Government, which enabled the management team to implement an ambitious plan. Furnas Landscape Laboratory, a future multifunctional forest landscape was created to act as a large experimental ground, pioneer in Azores, to implement new ecological restoration techniques, economical activities and management practices, promoting a wide spread public involvement, to achieve sustainability at all levels (ecologic, economic, social, cultural and aesthetic). Although much has already been achieved and finished since 2007, the project is ongoing with no conclusion date.

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Fondazione Landscapefor (2015-2024)

Geographic coordinates:
37.774153° -25.311566°

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Furnas, Sao Miguel Island, Azores


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