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Pilgrimage through the Contemplative Landscape

Eu Landscape Award 2012-2013. CZ Candidate

The nominated ecological/educational project Town of Strakonice is a set of interrelated one-year thematic sub-projects (cycles) focusing on the countryside and ecology. There have been eleven cycles in succession up to 2012. The sub-projects demonstrate, in natural/cultural/historical terms, the uniqueness of the countryside of the Strakonicko, Blatensko and Vodnansko districts and, as regards holistic sustainable development, the need to protect and functionally use the countryside as a mutually interlinked and influenced set, enabling, with the correct approach and understanding, quality, healthy and satisfactory life for its inhabitants. Over the long term, through its comprehensive nature, the project will increase general awareness about the South Bohemian Region and will help people gain healthy self-confidence and respect for the place where they were born and where they live. Every thematic cycle is accompanied by a quotation from the book Zeme zamyÅ¡lenà¡ (Land Contemplative) (1st issue 1947) by local national artist Ladislav Stehlà­k, which functions as a guideline through the whole project. Comparisons between this text, which is over fifty years old, and the situation today provide an inspirational view of the historical development 4 of the South Bohemian Region.

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49.260596° 13.909945°

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