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Ресторан "П'яте підземелля"/ Ristorante "Quinta Catacomba"

A real medieval restaurant with an unsurpassed atmosphere in the heart of Lviv.

The restaurant is located in one of the oldest dungeons in Lviv on Rynok Square. The atmosphere is created by rough untreated stone walls, real stained glass in one of the halls. Massive wooden furniture, medieval weapons, shields and household items are everywhere. The restaurant is lit by real candles. The feature of the restaurant is interactive entertainment. For example, get a sword from stone or to feed dragon with coins. The crowning dish is meat on pegs, which is served in clay pots with a special chimney and hot coals.

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Daria Moghila, Staff Landscapefor (2022-2024)

Geographic coordinates:
49.84286° 24.03267°

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Rynok Square, 5, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ucraina


Media available

Particolari / L'idea della costruzione

Video realizzato da uno dei visitatori del ristorante (2020)

Particolari / Intrattenimento

Nella foto: visitatori del ristorante mentre provano i vari intrattenimenti.

Particolari / Cucina medievale

Collage di alcuni piatti presentati dal ristorante.

Dintorni / Come raggiungerlo?

Screenshot da Google Maps


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