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Eu Landscape Award 2012-2013. LT Candidate

Utena is the 10th largest Lithuanian town with the population of 34 000 (2012). In 1960-1990 industrial town enlarged in the expressive landscape preserving Nature frame (system of rivers, lakes, their valleys) in the area of 140 ha. Continues system of natural areas preserved as ecologically important, but their aesthetic and recreational functions were not recognized. In 1990-1998 the processes of private property restoration and land privatisation proceeded in whole country. The municipality made great efforts to save these areas as public spaces. Combining the protection and management of the unique landscape gaining the recreational potential of the area, Utena District Municipality developed City Gardens in the town centre (2005), the Krašuona River riverside in the in the densely build up residential area (2009), Dauniškis (2005) and Vyžuona (2010) parks as central recreational areas (total area 50 ha).

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55.498688° 25.59852°

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