The new theatre in front of the Palace @ Piazza Carignano

Of Giovanni battista Borra from Biblioteca Reale di Torino

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The new theatre in front of the Palace

The Theatre Carignano stands in front of the Palace in place of the ballgame hall (named Trincotto Rosso). Vittorio Amedeo II turned it into a theatre in 1711 starting a glorious series of representations which made the history of the italian theatre. In the middle of the 18th century the wood structure was replaced by a masonry one on the project of Benedetto Alfieri who also projected the thatre Regio a few years before.
The designs at the time show a masonry forepart realized by Giovanni Battista Borra.

The G.B.Borra engraving of 1749 show the masonry forepart of the thatre and the Collegio dei Nobili palace, high and unfinished, with a one-floor sleeve in the direction of the square. The San Filippo church was already completed by Juvarra.

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