The project of façades, 1640 @ Piazza San Carlo

Of Carlo di Castellamonte

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The project of façades, 1640

In order to accelerate the process of building the lots, previously occupied by the valley and therefore state-owned, are donated to the nobles with the obligation of building them according to the project of Castellamonte with unitary fronts and porches. The principle of unified architecture, where the nature of the single building is subject to the urban global view, is confirmed in Piazza San Carlo. The horizontal decoration of the façades and the height of the piano nobile are accentuated, just like in Piazza Castello and in the Contrada Nuova. The alternance of gables and classical elements enhances the elegance of the square.

The project of façades of the Piazza Reale, around 1640. Place S.Charle - Parigi, Bibliotèque Nationale, Cabinet des Estampes, Turin, Vb7, n.67

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