Maciste, the King of Porta Palazzo @ Mercato di Porta Palazzo - Piazza Repubblica

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Maciste, the King of Porta Palazzo

He was known as "Maurizio", a typical character of Porta Palazzo in Turin in the '60s. From Catania he came up to the North and had chosen to live by interpreting the role of the last street artist of the Porta Palazzo tradition. Thus Gioacchino Marletta, this was his real name, became the "King of Porta Palazzo", the "Maciste of Porta Pila": he was entertaining the audience, on Sunday morning, when he lifted a heavy stone, broke the links of a chain that tied around his chest, challenging choreographically the public to do likewise.

Maciste, the king of Porta Palazzo, entertains the public with his show (1977).

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