At the market of Porta Palazzo

At the Porta Palazzo market they line up, line up the girls in the age for boys, they do the custom. And let them guess under the skirts under the skirts. And let's guess under the skirts, the black skirts. And over the dock for the loading they queue up, queue up the men with the sticks they queue up on the concrete. And they let themselves be searched under their jackets under their jackets. And they let themselves be searched under their stitched jackets. But during a winter-moon morning there was the snow, there was the snow in the square, and there was hell, and everyone wondered: how and where? From the load queue someone shouts, someone screams at Porta Palazzo square and between the girls the queue brakes up. And there is one lying on the ground above the snow that makes steam, there is a lying one on the ground, and all the others surround her like a crown. And at 7 and 45 he was already born, at 7 and 45 they put him on the flower stall. Do you favor a document? Says the guard just as he comes across the ladder from the load to see what happened. Please favor a document and even something to declare this is a case of giving birth on public communal soil. But there are no documents and no one who says anything, only people pulling and pushing around carnations and gardenias. There are no documents and there is nothing more to be documented than during a winter-moon day all the square wanted its flower. Returns the queue from loading, returns the queue.

A song by Gianmaria Testa from the album Da questa parte del mare (2006).

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