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A heart disillusioned by the truth

A young and modest painter meets a poet by the lake. The two fall in love and the painter soon after leaves his mother’s house to follow his beloved in an old castle. Here the two lovers live their burning passion: the woman becomes the inspirer of the painter, feeding his artistic imagination to the maximum. He also paints the lover in a bold portrait that allows him to reach the climax of success. But suddenly the woman, knowing of her husband’s return, abandons the painter without explaining the reason. After having put him to sleep with a drink, he disappears, leaving him only the cheque of thirty thousand lire, the price of the painting that made him famous and that she herself bought secretly. Disappointed and embittered, the painter wanders for some time in despair and finally one day meets by chance the poet at her husband’s arm. He approaches her, but she pretends not to know him and she withdraws with disdain. The young man goes crazy with pain.

[Rivista Bianco&Nero, 1915]

The fire (Itala Film, 1915) Directed by: Giovanni Pastrone

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