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Icon of the Category "Education"Ordine degli architetti Torino

Ordine degli architetti

The Board of Architects, Planners, Landscape Designers and Curators of the province of Turin

The body manages the board, checks on the correctness of the job and on the conservation of the Board, gives opinions to public administrations, gives advice on professional controversies and on the liquidation of the professional honoraries, manages, carries out and monitors the ongoing training of its subscribers together with the Consiglio Nazionale Architetti PPC.

Contacts Phone number: +39 011 54 69 75 – +39 011 53 8292 Fax: +39 011 53 74 47

E-mail: ARCHITETTITORINO@OATO.IT Mail Pec: (only for mails sent by CEM adresses)

Information curated by:
Raytrayen Beakovic Lauria (2022-2024)

Geographic coordinates:
45.0659° 7.6855°

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