Pietro Accorsi, the merchant of wonders.

Among the many events held in the museum, one of these is dedicated to one of the founders: Pietro Accorsi. This was held on the occasion of the first edition of Fo. To. (photographers in Turin) in the period between 3 May and 29 May 2018. The exhibition proposed a photographic exhibition centered on a selection of images, coming from its own archive, through which it retraced some milestones of Pietro Accorsi's private and professional life. The Accorsi taste spread in Italy and abroad starting from the post-war period and characterized the homes furniture of businessmen, politicians, princes and kings. Accorsi's life has been studded with authoritative figures, prestigious meetings and very precious objects. The exhibition intends to pay tribute to the life of this "... merchant of wonders".

Un'immagine di Pietro Accorsi

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