the most beautiful piece of furniture in the world.

Among the most prestigious works by Pietro Piffetti, one of the best cabinetmakers of northern Italy in the eighteenth century, this piece stands out as "the most beautiful piece of furniture in the world". The double-body cabinet was made in 1738, and is now located in the museum, in one of the rooms used as a study. The double body is inlaid with ivory and is decorated, in an exuberant and very refined way, with scenes taken from famous engravings of the 16th and 17th centuries. This piece of furniture according to some hypotheses was commissioned on the occasion of a wedding, an event to which several images allude: the one of cupid armed with a bow and arrows, and an image of marriage, probably that of Alessandro and Rossana, in front the statue of Apollo. Constant is the presence of Apollo and Diana, both depicted on the estate or in a hunting environment. The central scene represents Diana sleeping next to a nymph and her dogs.

Il "mobile più bello del mondo" di Pietro Piffetti.

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