Pietro Accorsi: the founder

Pietro Accorsi was born in Turin on 25th October 1891. At the age of twenty, Pietro Accorsi rented an apartment on the first floor of the building where his parents were doorkeeper and used part of it for housing and part for an antique gallery. In the following years it follows a prosperous period for Pietro, who was the first to devote himself to the decorative art of the '700, becoming a point of reference at European level. In 1928 Accorsi bought a villa on moncalieri's hill, dedicating it to the name of his sister (Paola), who later became his residence. In 1956 the whole block of Via Po became the property of the famous antiquarian. Pietro Accorsi died on October 26th 1982. Villa Paola was sold to private individuals in 1987 because, according to Accorsi's will, the museum should have been located in via Po, a prestigious location in the heart of the city. On January 25th, 1983, the 'Foundation Accorsi-Ometto' was set up, with the President Giulio Ometto. On 3rd December 1999 it was inaugurated.

In the picture we see Pietro Accorsi,the founder, on the right, and Giulio Ometto, the current president, on the left.

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